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One of Colorado’s Premier Basement Finishing Companies

Westec Builders is one of Colorado’s premier basement finishing Companies.  We pride ourselves in all aspects of the build out process while turning your basement into a finished extension of your comfortable home. First, we go through a discovery process of what we can accomplish with your budget, time and wants. Once we figure out the direction we are going to go, we create a drawing so you can see what it will look like. Once you decide what your dream basement is going to look like we come up with a building schedule that meets your needs. There are so many ways you can build out your unfinished space or remodel. Here are some ideas and projects we have done in the past.

Man Cave

From rich mahogany wood finishes to using budget friendly material or displaying your favorite sports team, a man cave in your finished basement can become a place of solace and re-charge. You can create the perfect environment to watch the big game, play cards, have friends over and have a place for the whole family to build community. Every man cave we have done has been custom and to the taste of the homeowner. Just remember. If you build it, they will come.

Home Theater

A home theater is a favorite among households wanting to make their basement finishing project a Hollywood hit! From tight spaces with cozy seating to sprawling space for larger recliners you can create the perfect theater. Since you get the decide how it is built you can choose a thicker or drywall or other sound proof material depending on your budget. The most beautiful thing is, it’s yours and you get to imagine what you want and we can help you make it a reality. Movie night just got a whole lot better!

Home Gym

When you can finally wake up in the morning and get the gym without going out in the cold, it makes a for a perfect option when you are finishing your basement. The best part is, you get to design it! Whether you want mirrors on your walls, stretch bars, wood or padded flooring we can help you create the perfect workout space in your own personal home gym! If you have the discipline and ability to follow your own program than nothing beats waking up, going downstairs and being able to workout in your own home.

Basement Apartment

If you are looking to create a separate a living space that you can use for “in and out guests”, a mother in law apartment, or rental income, a basement apartment is a practical use of unused space and its more cost effective than a brand-new addition. Even the darkest most dingy basements can be turned into a beautiful living space when you add a kitchen, a bathroom and other custom features. This can be one of the best investments you can make into your home. We also do a lot of flex spaces where home owners can have a strong door with a deadbolt separating the space so there is access from the house. The cool thing is, you get to decide.

Home Office

For some people working from home sounds like an impossible thing to do. But when you have an office tucked away in the basement and you can provide yourself a separate working environment it can really make a difference. From choosing double doors, built in shelves or what you want to make a perfect office to creating a multi-purpose room that can serve both an office or a bedroom there are a lot of options. The cool thing is, office space can always turn into homeschool rooms or family studies. It’s really up to how you want to design it.

Kids Playroom

Westec Builders basement finishing services are equipped and providing the best materials that are for a children’s playroom. With so many basement flooring options that are unique and beautiful to budget friendly, practical flooring options that will keep children warm and safe!


Basement Finishing Costs

When budgeting for one of the biggest home construction projects you might undertake it is important to keep these 5 different types of construction that go into the basement finishing process. We are lucky to have such a low water table in Colorado to make more of these projects possible without costing too much.


The first step in the process assuming you have all of your drawing and plans in doing the layout and the framing. In most cases people choose to use wood framing as it is the most cost effective. You will need to account for the cost of the lumber and labor.


It is really important you hire a contractor who works with electricians who are licensed and are up to date with modern codes. You will need to consider the cost of all of the material and the labor for a couple of electricians to wire your basement safely.


Plumbing can sometimes be just a small part or no part of a finished basement depending on if you want a bar sink or bathroom. For every piece item of running water consider the extra costs with sink, toilet, shower etc on top of the labor for installation.


This phase is the phase that no one wants to do on there own because it can be such a mess.  Good dry wallers are fast and if you work with a good supply company you can save on labor by having the supply company deliver it to the basement.


Depending on if you want cabinets, carpet, laminate and the different  paint options etc, typically finishes can become the most expensive part of the project depending on your taste and what you really want. Finishes include sinks, lighting fixtures and whatever else bells and whistles you want to have the perfect finished basement. We see a lot more high end finishes in nicer areas of Denver and Boulder.



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