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Understanding The Many Benefits and Options for Garage Additions

For people who own a home finding the right best home improvement to invest in that offers improved aesthetics, more convenience and increased home value is not always easy. However, the good news is homeowners that are considering the benefits of building a garage addition will find this investment easily offers them these primary benefits and more. Building a high-quality garage addition allows for more home storage space, better protection of vehicles against the weather elements, easy home access for groceries and other purchases, better home safety as well as increased home aesthetics and increased home value. That’s we make it easy for people to use us as there garage builder in Denver.

When looking to build a garage, there are a few essential things to consider. While the most significant focus is usually on the number of cars the garage will fit, other issues should be considered as well. The car capacity, storage capacity, height, and depth are other essential factors to consider once the homeowner has decided on investing in a new garage.

Additionally, it is also important to evaluate whether the garage will be directly attached to the home’s sidewall, attached to the house through a breezeway, or will be detached. Since a garage becomes a permanent part of the home, these details are vital to the homeowner’s long-term usage for the space. Each component of the garage’s final design affects the aesthetics of the home, its practical usage, and it’s benefits for the homeowner and home improvement value. Overall examination of the cost for the garage should be put in perspective with the long-term benefits.

Understanding Garage Addition Basics

Garage Size- The most common garage size on homes is a two-car garage which is considered the standard. Since most homes are occupied by two parents with two different cars, this is the most common choice for homeowners. However, for some larger families, having a three-car garage is helpful. This is common when the family has one economy car, one larger family vehicle, and another basic SUV. Additionally, some homeowners who invest in a three-car garage do so because they are housing a specialized vehicle such as an antique car, a race car, or some type of recreational vehicle.

Garage Height and Depth- This is a crucial decision because extra depth in a garage allows homeowners to have additional storage space, workbench and tool space, more room for yard equipment, and extra space for landscape tools and bicycles. Homeowners should consider whether adding a little extra depth will be beneficial for these types of uses before they decide on a final design.

Garage Expansion Options

When it comes to considering the height of the garage to be built, there are some wonderful options and uses for expanded second-floor garage space. Many people who buy a home with a two-car garage already built have limited storage in their garage ceiling. However, custom made garages can be built with a full or partial second floor.

Two-story designs can vary to include pull-down stairs or a walk-up staircase into the garage attic. This space is traditionally finished off with wood subflooring. This extra storage can be a great place for holiday decorations, seasonal items, family memorabilia, and other personal items. If the homeowner chooses a design with full second-floor ceiling height, the second-floor space over the garage can be finished off and used as a studio, an office, a mini teen apartment or a game room.

For a more diverse usage, homeowners can choose a second-floor garage design that connects to the main second floor of the home. This will create more square footage in the home and allows for a wide variety of uses.

A full second floor built over the garage can be a great way to create an expanded master bedroom suite. This can allow a couple to create their dream bedroom. The extra space can be used to create a bigger bathroom with a jacuzzi, walk-in closets or a large master bedroom suite complete with a cathedral ceiling and skylights. This can also be helpful to create two extra bedrooms.

Garage Location Options

Garage Attachment Styles- Garages can be attached directly to the home in a traditional styled two-car garage or through a breezeway. Either concept works great; the difference is a homeowner’s choice based on the benefits of a breezeway. For many homeowners, a breezeway allows for a beautiful open porch or sunroom atmosphere. This can create a beautiful bright window-filled space that can beautify any home.

Another attached garage-style allows for an open porch breezeway that is used as an enhanced outdoor living space. Outdoor living spaces have become an increasingly popular trend in the last decade. The design which started in Europe has since expanded to many homes throughout America. Outdoor living spaces may come complete with outdoor fireplaces, built-in kitchens and grilling stations, and more. They often have accent lighting, ceiling fans, and finished indoor-outdoor flooring.

For people who are looking for larger garage spaces, a detached garage is often the best option, especially for people who want expanded garage space in height and depth. These are usually built to house large vehicles or are designed for homeowners who have other needs, such as creating a home office or studio that people will visit. In these cases, the detached garage design will most often work best.

Garage Exteriors

Exterior Garage Finish Options- Getting an exterior finish to match the main house is important for aesthetics. For people who have vinyl siding, it will be essential to look at what the best options are for color matching that will properly accent the existing siding. In some cases, homeowners choose to have fieldstone or brick face siding on the new garage to accent their home if they cannot get an exact match for vinyl siding color. Either of these is a great option that can complement any home style.

If you are looking for a custom-designed garage to be built for your home, our professional team can meet with you to discuss the many available design options. Our professional Westec builders will work extensively to ensure that your garage addition gives you everything you need for your home addition. To learn more about the many designs and options available for your home, give us a call today.

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