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Designs and Inspirations for New Porch Covers and Enclosures
Well-designed porch covers and porch enclosures can increase the amount of time your family spends outside and enhance your outdoor experience. They add property value to your home with pleasing aesthetes that once constructed, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it? Most homeowners don’t understand the true impact until they have their first private moment alone on their new porch addition.

When it comes to any major outdoor construction project, you should consider working with a professional designer such as an architect or building contractor to ensure your porch addition project is engineered correctly and complies with city codes. Other considerations before designing, planning, and building a porch addition include:

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Materials
  • Size and scale of the project
  • Architectural style
  • Orientation to the sun

Since we work in Denver, Colorado and surrounding we are local experts. Below are some great styles and ideas that can help you make a decision to get this exciting project started.

Shade Cloth Porch Covers

Shade cloth porch covers are elegant in design while providing maximum protection from the sun. They can be constructed over existing porches or newly built ones. They work simply by adding a variety of decorative support poles either to your deck or they can be cemented into the ground. A series of eye hooks are then mounted to the top of the poles and fascia boards of your house to suspend and support the shade cloths.

This is a fairly simple installation and affordable solution to add aesthetes and shade to your home. They can be removed for seasonal weather changes or left in place for sunny regions. Additionally, they’re available in a wide variety of styles and colors can transform your porch into a work of art.

Screened in Porch

A screened in porch is vital to keeping pesky insects out of your outdoor living space. They also add cosmetic value to your porch while providing fresh air flow. They can be built as stationary devices or designed with removal panels that easily unscrew for seasonal storage. There are a lot of different varieties and styles that you can incorporate into your screen in porch design that not only look amazing, but are also functional at the same time.

New Porch Enclosures

New porch enclosures are an addition to your house. They’re generally constructed in the same manner as a house; however, they offer a variety of different options and purposes. They can be built on top of concrete slabs or concrete foundations that provide additional storage space. Additionally, they can be constructed with lumber and supported on concrete columns.

Enclosures are also an extension of your home, and they can be designed to be sunrooms, studios, outdoor living spaces, and family entertainment rooms. The design options are endless with many options for windows, doors, siding, and roofing materials. They can be built to match existing exteriors or constructed with different materials like bricks, wood, metal, and stones to provide a sophisticated and unique look.

Different Styles and Materials of Porches

There are a lot of different styles available when it comes to selecting the one you like, and the materials options are just as diverse. The beauty of working with a professional contractor is to get ideas that you may not have thought about as well as having a quality job done.

Below are some construction materials and styles that can give you some more ideas to think about:

Corrugated Steel Porch Roofs

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing corrugated cold-rolled steel panels is their ability to resist corrosion. Porches with steel roofing materials can easily last 50 years or more. They also come in a variety of colors and textures that offer superior protection against the elements and offer very low-maintenance.

Maui Shade Porches

If living or visiting Hawaii has always been on your bucket list, but reality has you stuck at home? You can bring Hawaii to your backyard by having a Maui shade porch built. A Maui shade porch is constructed by building a flat waffle roof with recessed polypropylene sheets as light boxes.

They generally attach to the house over existing or new decks in the middle of where the sliding glass doors are located, and they can be supported on a series of columns or on the outside corners of the structure. Simple columns constructed with wood or concrete can be used as well as going all-in with custom built columns that use stones or mortared-bricks.

Palo Alto Covered Porches

A Palo Alto covered porch is a shade fabric arch design that’s supported by columns on both sides or on all four corners. Most of these structures utilize engineered steel for support members and shade fabrics that typically allow for 70 percent filtration.

Different fabrics can also be incorporated into this design that allows for more or less filtration. Palo Alto covered porches can be built separately away from the house or attached. They’re also multi functional because they can be constructed over any flooring surface, including grass.

Thatch Covered Porches

Thatch-covered porches are very reminiscent of Spanish-style outdoor porches and Japanese architecture. These structures are generally built with manufactured steel framing components that provide wave-style roofs covered with rolls of thatch that can make your backyard porch look like an Arizona oasis.

Thatch-covered roofs are very elegantly designed and provide the perfect amount of shade while enhancing your outdoor porch. If you want a covered porch design that will impress your guest and make your neighbors envious, talk to your building contractor about a thatch covered porch.

Transparent Covered Porches

Transparent covered porches are similar to the Maui Shade design; however, instead of waffle inlays it utilizes larger open bays with transparent coverings that allow unobstructed sunlight to enter the porch, and it also helps to keep the porch area warm during the evenings.

These porch structures can be built with lumber or engineered steel I-beams and decorative columns. They can be painted or stained to match existing exteriors and landscapes. Additionally, to spruce it up, hang flower pots or string lights to create a unique outdoor ambiance during the day and into the evening.

Pergola Porches

A Pergola can be built over an existing porch or you can have one built into your new design. Although Pergolas are traditionally located in the backyard as a focal point, their beautifully designed ceiling rafters are becoming more desirable by homeowners throughout the United States.

They can provide a shaded walkway, sitting area, passageway, and covering over your porch. The design is simple with vertical pillars or columns that support the cross members overhead while the sides can be filled in with latticework that a lot of people use to train vines.

Some homeowners are now specifically building Pergola porches off their kitchens to extend the space outdoors, which is where they like to spend most of their time entertaining and relaxing when their home.

Final Tips on Covered and Enclosed Porches

Hopefully, this guide has given you some new ideas on the endless possibilities of covering or enclosing your porch. For the best results, always hire a professional builder who has experience building enclosed and covered porches.

And finally, before any outdoor home improvement project starts, you should go to your local town municipality and get a building permit to avoid unnecessary fines and penalties. Most building permits on a national average for porch construction projects are under $100, it’s a small price to pay compared to the potential repercussions of not having one.

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